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This is an innovative ecosystem of a new direction in rehabilitation medicine – adaptive kinesiotherapy.

Adaptive kinesiotherapy is a method of robot-assisted rehabilitation of patients with motor coordination disorders, aimed at restoring and programming of the habitual motor images.

Adaptive kinesiotherapy unites the patient, the program of selection of individual rehabilitation scheme and kinesiotherapy exercise machine into the single ecosystem of methodical programming of images of the customary movements in all physiological directions.

Adaptive kinesiotherapy is a clinically efficient therapeutic method recommended for use by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus (directions for use by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus No. 081-1116 and No. 080-1116) based on use of TRiNiTi robot-assisted kinesiology exercise machine (State Registration of research work No. 20162250).

TRiNiTi exercise machine includes:

TRiNiTi Software Innovations

Ensure precise research-based dosage of activity and maximum unlocking of the central nervous system adaptive capabilities.

Create a unique opportunity for efficient rehabilitation due to the following functions:

TRiNiTi Technical Solutions

The result of many years of research and experimental work aimed to expand rehabilitation functionality due to the following techniques:

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